Give up the world’s peace


Sometimes what we deem as peace is only our flesh being satisfied. Sometimes giving up what we deem as peace in the flesh is a must anf then we can receive the true peace that God gives in the spirit. That peace that passes understanding. When you are in the peace of God. You can face anything with the peace of God. Preaching Holiness costed John the Baptist his life. If he was thinking about his peaceJesus was in anguish before he went to the cross. We were worth with. If he followed this saying we would still be lost.  Jesus bared the burden for our sin Alone. God turned his back on Jesus. God forsook Jesus. Because of Jesus’  scafice God declares that he will never turn his  back on us. We were brought with a price. That God that to Jesus loosing his peace wasnt too expensive because if it was we would ALL still be hoing to Hell.


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