Where is the Reverence?

This is a great read by Tivia. We need to turn back to the ORIGINAL as my mentor says. We need to Reverence God again!

GIRLY With No Apologies

Definition of Reverence: Deep respect for someone or something

    Hello children of God…I pray all is well on your end this grace-filled day! I want to ask you a question family. Have you ever been in the presence of someone that cursed like a seasoned sailor, belligerently gossiped about someone, drank alcohol profusely, professed that they were living a homosexual or fornicating lifestyle with so much pride and absolutely no conviction? Well family, you can either relate to being around someone like this or you may have at one point even been that person-TRUTH TIME! But wait…I forgot to mention that the person with the above “flaws” is a CHRISTian… yes, the person living comfortably in sin, as described above, is someone that you may attend church with, has a church leadership role/title, and of course has “given” their life to the Lord. “Wow” is right! You may…

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